Nelson Road, Box Hill

Office Residential Retail

This site is located on the east side of Nelson Road to the north of Whitehorse Road and is within the Box Hill Activity Area and 250m of a major transport interchange which comprises train, tram and 20 bus routes. The higher density development incorporates a mix of residential (148 dwellings), office and retail land uses.

Vehicle access is proposed via Shipley Street to allow for improved pedestrian amenity and urban design to Nelson Road via the removal of the existing crossovers. The abundance of bicycle parking further supports the transit orientated development.

MGA prepared a transport impact to assess the statutory car and bicycle parking requirements, the likely car parking demand of the visitors, residents and staff, site layout operation, loading requirements and vehicle accessibility.

We have been involved in a number of exciting developments within the Box Hill Activity Area, including Whitehorse Towers, 701 Station Street and multiple small to medium density developments. Local policy is seeking that the centre becomes sustainable and vibrant by balancing access, travel modes and land use needs.