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Whitehorse Towers,Box Hill

Whitehorse Towers is located in the heart of Box Hill and comprises luxury apartments, an Art Series Hotel, retail and restaurant tenancies, gymnasium and office spaces.

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Key Industrial Estate,Keysborough

MGA Traffic was engaged by Frasers Property Australia (formerly Australand) to prepare an Integrated Transport and Access Plan (ITAP) addressing the requirements of Development Plan Overlay 6 of the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme as it pertains to the traffic and transport elements of the proposed development of industrial land located at Perry Road in Keysborough.

The ITAP takes into account all transport modes, including ƒthe integration of vehicle access to the existing road network, the provision of adequate pedestrian and cycle ways and accommodation for potential  public transport routes and public transport infrastructure.

The site, made up of two land parcels, is proposed to accommodate 129,530sqm of industrial land uses set within an overall combined site area of 157,274sqm which will form Stage 8 of The Key Industrial Estate.

In addition to the plan, MGA also provided due diligence advice to the client during the preliminary phases of the project including a review of the transport modelling, proposed Perry Road upgrade design and cost analysis / feasibility of the proposed signalised intersection which will connect the site to Perry Road.

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Panorama Apartments,Doncaster

The landmark Panorama Doncaster building features an impressive sculptural facade and is built on one of the highest points in the area directly opposite Westfield Doncaster.

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Nelson Road,Box Hill

This site is located on the east side of Nelson Road to the north of Whitehorse Road and is within the Box Hill Activity Area and 250m of a major transport interchange which comprises train, tram and 20 bus routes. The higher density development incorporates a mix of residential (148 dwellings), office and retail land uses.

Vehicle access is proposed via Shipley Street to allow for improved pedestrian amenity and urban design to Nelson Road via the removal of the existing crossovers. The abundance of bicycle parking further supports the transit orientated development.

MGA prepared a transport impact to assess the statutory car and bicycle parking requirements, the likely car parking demand of the visitors, residents and staff, site layout operation, loading requirements and vehicle accessibility.

We have been involved in a number of exciting developments within the Box Hill Activity Area, including Whitehorse Towers, 701 Station Street and multiple small to medium density developments. Local policy is seeking that the centre becomes sustainable and vibrant by balancing access, travel modes and land use needs.

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Mercer Street,Geelong

The Mercer is an elegant 15 storey residential building on the Western Beach location of Geelong.

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Doncaster Road,Doncaster

MGA has been involved in the traffic and transport master planning for this exciting mixed use development in Doncaster. The site is within the Doncaster Hill precinct and is located opposite Manningham City Square. The proposal supports a modern urban village environment and incorporates ground floor retail and restaurant land uses within the higher density residential building.

MGA worked closely with the project team to maximise pedestrian and bicycle access on the ground floor and establish an efficient car parking layout and site access strategy. This enabled the proposal to enhance the landscaping opportunities and improve the pedestrian amenity to create an active frontage to Doncaster Road. Our assessment also incorporated a review of the parking requirements and assessment of the traffic impacts on key intersections surrounding the site.

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Streetscapes Project,Warragul

We were part of the team lead by Group GSA and Meinhardt to deliver the streetscape project in Warragul CBD for Baw Baw Shire Council.

The project seeks to progress the recommendations of the Masterplan to develop a ‘green city’ which includes prioritising pedestrian movements, road narrowing, formal pedestrian crossings, re-routing traffic flows to key external roads, accessible parking and shared areas.

Our works include streetscape design input, consideration of local access, pedestrian safety, accessible parking spaces, bicycle connectivity, traffic management, bus routes, loading vehicle access and stakeholder engagement.

The study is supported by our further works to undertake a traffic assessment of the key intersections within the town centre to review the capacity of existing intersections and assess the future operational impacts following the re-distribution of traffic based on future modelling, retail growth and recent road works to grade separate the railway line to the east of the main freeway interchange.

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Whitehorse Road,Blackburn

The site is located on the prominent corner of to key arterial roads and also abuts a local access street.  The medium density development provide a mix of apartment and townhouse dwellings with an loop road providing vehicle access to individual garages and a basement car park.

The site is located in close proximity to bus and rail facilities with a mix of retail and commercial land uses in the immediate area which will encourage local trips by non-motorised vehicles modes.

MGA prepared a traffic assessment of the proposal which incorporated the internal road layout design (cross-sections, intersection treatments, traffic calming, on-street parking and pedestrian paths) and swept path analysis for a range of design vehicles.

Our works included collaborating with the project team and direct liaisons with Council Engineers and VicRoads.

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Eltham Leisure Centre,Eltham

MGA completed a transport impact assessment for the redevelopment of the existing leisure centre in Eltham. The design by Peddle Thorp Architects incorporates a 6-lane pool, leisure water area, toddlers and learn to swim pool, spa and sauna.

Our works included a review of the existing car parking layout with recommendations to widen bays to conform to the designated user class, reconfiguration of the circulation aisles for improved traffic flow, the creation of accessible car parking spaces, bicycle parking at the main entrance, bollards for improved pedestrian safety, additional line-marking / signage and integrating the site to the Diamond Creek Trail.

The development also formalises new angled parking spaces along Susan St and accommodates bus pick-up/drop-off arrangements via Withers Way.

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Bendigo Basketball Stadium,Bendigo

The Bendigo Basketball Stadium incorporates 3 basketball courts, an upgrade of the existing 12 outdoor netball courts and a 4,000 seat venue for concerts or sporting events.

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Frankston Basketball Stadium

The Frankston Basketball Facility forms part of a sporting precinct at Kananook Reserve that includes a sporting oval, a district level playground and a parkland area. The development  incorporates the provision of 4 additional indoor basketball courts (increase from 6 courts to 10 courts), including two show courts with spectator seating for up to 662 people.

MGA prepared a traffic and parking impact assessment that considered the parking demand of the proposal, the adequacy of parking provision for general stadium use and show court matches and traffic impacts to the surrounding road network. We were also involved in an extensive design process to improve the operation and yield of the existing car parking layout, accommodate for pedestrian and bicycle connections to/from the car park and external roads, internal traffic management measures and site access design upgrades.

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Kings Domain Apartments,Southbank

The elegantly designed higher density building is located on the prominent corner of Dorcas Street / Dodds Street in Southbank. The development comprises of 236 apartments and two ground floor café tenancies.

Residents will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Kings Club on level 5 which will include a private dining room, cinema, games room, gymnasium and swimming pool.

The site is within a mixed use zone and contains a parking overlay to maximise resident parking to one vehicle per dwelling. Vehicle access to the development is provided via Dodds Street and Wells Lane. The Dodds Street access provides car parking to podiums levels via a car lift with a queuing area provided on-site. Wells Lane provides parking to the basement levels via a double width ramp connecting to the widened lane. Traffic management treatments have also been incorporated into the design to facilitate safe pedestrian access and movements across the site.

MGA prepared a traffic and transport assessment of the proposal and undertook consultation with the relevant authorities.

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David Street,Burnley

The site is located within a mixed use zone within the Doonside Street precinct to the south of Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre. The proposal is predominantly residential with a food and drink tenancy on the ground floor. The facade successfully incorporates elements of the existing warehouse building that are heritage listed to provide an active street frontage towards the cafe and residential lobby.

MGA prepared a traffic and transport impact assessment that reviewed the capacity of the adjoining road network, the adequacy of the parking provision and the functionality of the on-site parking layout. The provision of additional bicycle parking spaces and pedestrian improvements to the site’s frontage which provide a direct link to the tram stop along Victoria Street also support mode travel by sustainable modes.

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Neerim Road,Carnegie

The site is located on Neerim Road and is within the Murrumbeena Neighbourhood Centre. The proposal provides an opportunity to support the growth of the activity area which is well located to local retail and commercial conveniences, bus stops and the Murrumbeena Railway Station.

The development comprises of a 4 storey mixed use building with over 60 dwellings and 3 retail tenancies on the ground floor. The design is expected to enhance the street scape and pedestrian amenity along the shop frontages by providing some setback to the existing narrow footpath.

MGA prepared a traffic report which carefully considered the vehicle access strategy, waste collection arrangements, car parking layout plan and the car parking provision.

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Maroondah Highway,Ringwood

The site is located within the residential growth zone of Ringwood adjacent to the Ringwood Bypass. The high density development compromises private dwellings and serviced apartments over 16 storeys.

MGA prepared a traffic and transport impact assessment for this gateway icon and landmark development. Our collaboration with the project team resulted in an efficient ground floor plan to maximise pedestrian amenity at the site entrance and improved pedestrian and bicycle connections to the surrounding retail premises, road network and parks.

Vehicle access is provided via an existing easement connecting to Maroondah Highway with the site layout incorporating a pick-up and drop-off area for the serviced apartments via a loop road for improved circulation. We also reviewed the adequacy of parking provisions and assessed the traffic impacts of the adjoining intersections.

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Downie Street,Melbourne

The high density development located at 9-27 Downie Street comprises of  275 residential dwellings and 2 retail tenancies on the ground floor. The tower is situated within a Parking Overlay (PO1) area in the Melbourne Planning Scheme and has recently been approved by Melbourne City Council.

The proposal is supported by 66 car spaces, 83 bicycle spaces and 4 motorcycle spaces.  Three of the car spaces will be dedicated to a car share scheme to be managed by the body corporate, This will allow for residents to enjoy the luxuries of a shared vehicle when needed without owning a car.  Cars can typically be booked for as little as one hour or for multiple days via an on-line booking system.

Vehicle access to the site is provided via Downie Street in a consolidated arrangement with the waste collection accessway.  The former use has 5 x crossovers along the street frontage which will be reduced to a double width crossover for access to the parking levels and a single width crossover for waste collection access.  Some separation is provided between the two proposed crossovers to allow for a pedestrian refuge.

The resident parking is provided over 5 levels with access to each level permitted by two car lifts.  Our involvement in the design process incorporated  an assessment of vehicle queuing requirements and accessibility in and out of the car lifts.   This includes swept path analysis for the B99 and B85 design vehicle as well as an 8.8m long truck to access the proposed waste collection area.  The waste truck is required to enter Downie Street from Flinders Lane and reverse back into the site.

Downie Street is not affected by Design and Development Overlay – Schedule 1 (Active Street Frontages), however a key part of the proposal is the proposed setback of the ground level of the building to increase the overall footpath width along the site’s frontage.   This will assist in activating the ground floor retail space, increase the residential lobby area and also support the increase of pedestrian movements along Downie Street from Flinders Street and Flinders Lane.

MGA prepared a traffic and transport impact assessment for the development which included a design review with the project architects to determine the most efficient car parking layout and convenient access arrangements for car and waste vehicles. We collaborated with both the project team and Council Engineers to help achieve the desired project outcomes.

For more information on this project or regarding the use of car lifts and car share parking arrangements in future developments. please contact our office to discuss further.

MGA has been involved in a high number of complex projects involving mechanical parking systems and car lifts.  As such, it is recommended that we provide design advice at an early stage to help facilitate successful layout options and to maximise parking numbers within constrained situations.

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Central Avenue,Moorabbin

The site sits within the Moorabbin Activity Centre with the development complementing the key objectives of the Moorabbin Structure Plan. Kingston City Council is seeking to create a dynamic activity centre that prioritises the use of sustainable modes of transport to and from the centre with new buildings designed to demonstrate architectural and environmental excellence.

The development incorporates a 7-storey mixed use development consisting of residential units with retail tenancies on the ground floor. MGA prepared a traffic and transport impact assessment that considered the adequacy of the parking reductions, review of the car parking layout arrangements via a side lane and traffic impacts to the surrounding road network.

It is expected that this development will kick start the revitalisation of the Moorabbin Major Activity Centre.cts to the surrounding road network.

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Tarneit Junction,Tarneit

The development plan proposes to include a mix of medium-density residential buildings, office space, a comprehensive medical centre, child care centre, education and training facilities supported by student accommodation, convenience retail and food and drink premises, over-55s living, and a hotel / serviced apartments.

MGA’s main objective for this site was for ‘walkability’. We shared the visions of the urban designers to provide a well-integrated site which would naturally promote healthy lifestyle choices by maximising access to transport infrastructure, retail and commercial uses and schools in the area.

We worked closely with the project team and key external stakeholders to develop a layout that prioritises pedestrian and cycle connectivity to the precinct and incorporate direct links to the bus stops along the site frontages and to the Tarneit Railway Station. The site design also has vehicle access via a new signalised intersection and localised left in / left out connections with the internal road layout served to support an urban feel by carefully considered cross-sections and intersection treatments.

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