Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy


The site is located within the Glenroy Activity Area along Wheatsheaf Road. MGA prepared a traffic and transport impact assessment which included a review of the reduction in resident, visitor and retail customer parking requirements. The site provides an excellent opportunity to support a development that complements the visions of the Glenroy Structure Plan. The development provides vehicles access via the lane, an abundance of bicycle parking and activates the side pedestrian public walkway to the ground floor café tenancy.

The Glenroy Structure Plan provides vision and objectives to strengthen the Glenroy Activity Area to build upon the centre’s existing strengths, while recognising the issues that will need to be resolved for Glenroy to become a centre that the community will be proud of. Access within the activity centre is currently difficult due to the dissection of the centre by the rail line and abutting main roads. These create physical barriers, particularly for pedestrian and cyclists.

The vision for the centre includes reducing the dominance of cars, and prioritising pedestrian, cyclists and public transport use by creating an active movement network by the following improvement works:

– Redesign of Waterloo St, Glenroy Rd and Harrington St to accommodate cyclists
– Improve pedestrian access to/from off-street parking areas to Wheatsheaf Rd
– Signalised pedestrian crossing opportunities at Waterloo St / Glenroy Rd
– A transport hub at Glenroy Station
– Grade separation of the railway line to improve pedestrian accessibility and traffic flow